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Welcome to Women’s Zone.

This portal is for women 18 years and above. It has been a passion of mine to bring women together on one platform. Have you ever thought why women are issues of politics, humanitarian rights, and UN policies? Gender bias is an ancient phenomenon. Women are burdened with up-keeping of family values, religious constraint, dressing and much more. Even as I write this many women have become a victim of a crime, domestic violence or forced marriage. It is the 21st century, while many countries have made some effort in gender equality, nonetheless, vast majority of women still live under duress of one kind or another.

It is said many times, across all cultures that “women are their worst enemy”. Come on sisters, let’s unite and help each other in overcoming all constraint; let us make a change in perception, stereotypical attitudes, inequality etc.

At Women’s Zone let’s get together and meet women from all walks of life. Be inspired by their stories, experience, thoughts etc. Let’s have fun with each other, and support those who need it.

This is a multisite, you can choose group/s of your choice, or create your own group and invite women from all over the globe. Chat with video conferencing. Become financially independent; open your online shop and much more!

Keep in touch with us – send us your suggestions/ feedback. I would like to hear from you. There is always room for improvement, get involved and make this platform your own.


Kavita Gupta